Waste Disposal and Spills

When it rains, stormwater picks up a wide variety of pollutants from surfaces such as parking lots, yards, sidewalks and streets. This polluted runoff enters the storm drain system and flows directly to our water bodies, including creeks, lakes and Puget Sound. The only way to avoid rainwater from coming into contact with these pollutants is to implement source control.

Here are some simple actions in our daily lives that we can do to help keep pollutants out of stormwater and keep our local waterways clean and healthy.

  • Never dispose of oils, pesticides, or other chemicals onto driveways, roadways or into storm drains. The next rainfall will carry it into a nearby lake, stream or wetland; or cause it to soak into the groundwater.
  • Report polluters and spills. Examples of pollutants to report include:
    • Leaking automobiles
    • Concrete dumped on the street or into a storm drain
    • Paint poured down a drain
  • To report a spill call the Spill Hotline or report a spill:
    • Week days: 8:00am to 5:00pm - call (425) 295-0500
    • After hours: call (425) 295-0700

For more information about household hazardous waste disposal options, check out the King County Hazardous Waste Management website. 

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